Dialogues towards a constructive agenda
In a context where political polarization has become an overtly global phenomenon, establishing a dialogue between the public and private sectors is essential to reach a constructive agenda that benefits all. 
With the theme “Dialogues towards a constructive agenda”, Brazil Forum UK 2019 looks to the future: what challenges do the new government and civil society face to solve structural problems and create a path towards sustainable and inclusive development in Brazil, and what solutions do they propose?
The Brazil Forum UK’s fourth edition, which will take place on 18th-19th May-2019, will gather world experts from a wide range of fields to debate compelling and urgent questions on the economic, social and environmental development of Brazil. 
LSE: Old Theatre, Old Building
8h - 9h Accreditation
9h - 9h15 Welcome | London School of Economics and Political Science
Gareth Jones
9h15 - 10h Opening | Honorary president Brazil Forum UK
Luís Roberto Barroso
10h - 10h50 Panel 1 | Governance
Fighting Corruption in Brazil
Raquel Dodge
Wagner Rosário
10h50 - 12h Panel 2 |  Entrepreneurship
Fostering Enterpreneurship and Business in Brazil
Edu Lyra
Caio Megale
ACM Neto
12h - 13h15 Lunch
13h15 - 14h30 Panel 3 | Justice and Public Security
Approaches on the future of Brazilian Public Safety Policy
Raul Jungmann
Melina Risso
Flávio Dino
Major Olímpio
​​​14h30 - 16h Panel 4 | State and Public Administration
The future of the Relationship between Public and Private Sectors in Brazil
Elena Landau
Lavínia Barros de Castro
Walfrido Warde
José Eduardo Carneiro Queiroz
16h - 16h30 Coffee Break
16h - 17h30 Panel 5 | Democracy
(Re)positioning Democratic Values in the 21st Century
Monica Bergamo
Eduardo Leite
Marcel van Hattem
18h15 - 18h30 Closing Remarks
University of Oxford: Blavatnik School of Government 
8h - 9h Accreditation

9h - 9h40 Keynote Speaker | Brazil in the OECD
Carlos Márcio Cozendey
9h40 - 11h Panel 6 | Environment
Environmental Policies in Brazil: how many tragedies until sustainable development?
Sonia Guajajara
Roberto Waack
Otaviano Pivetta
11h - 11h20 Coffee Break
11h20 - 12h10  Keynote Speaker | Diversity
Benedita da Silva
12h10 - 13h40 Lunch
13h40 - 15h10 Panel 7 | Education
Challenges for Basic Education in Brazil
Cid Gomes
Maria Helena Castro 
Raquel Franzim
Débora Garofalo
15h10 - 16h10 Keynote Speaker | Economy
Marcelo Guaranys
16h45­ - 18h10 Panel 8 | Media and Fake News
From Mainstream to Social Media: how do Brazilians get informed?
Patrícia Campos Mello
Cristina Tardaguila 
Jean Wyllys
Fernando Gallo
18h10 - 18h30 Final Comments
Democratic and pluralist room for debate

Brazil Forum UK is a platform for plural, transparent and interdisciplinary debate created and organised by a group of Brazilian students in the United Kingdom. The event has been happening every year since 2016 in the London School of Economics and Political Science and the University of Oxford.

We are a non-profit organisation which endeavours to create a democratic environment to discuss
Brazil's most urgent and relevant issues in way that includes different parts of society.

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