What's next, Brazil?

Overcoming multiple challenges



Democratic and pluralist room for debate

Brazil Forum UK is a platform for plural, transparent and interdisciplinary debate created and organised by a group of Brazilian students in the United Kingdom. The event has been happening every year since 2016 in the London School of Economics and Political Science and the University of Oxford.

We are a non-profit organisation which endeavours to create a democratic environment to discuss
Brazil's most urgent and relevant issues in way that includes different parts of society.

What's next, Brazil?
Overcoming multiple challenges

Brazil is a country of great potential and complexity. The existence of a multidimensional crisis, constituted by both structural and cyclical elements, suggests the necessity to expand the dialogues towards its understanding and overcoming. It is an appropriate time to discuss new forms of governance, bringing together plural views and seeking alternative paths for inclusive and sustainable development.

Addressing inequalities and safeguarding the rights of different social groups are inescapable agendas for development promotion. We acknowledge that the many challenges faced by Brazil go beyond political and economic circumstances and add to the global demand for alternatives to existing models of growth, considering current environmental and climate emergencies.

The fifth edition of the Brazil Forum UK invites members of civil society, academia, government and private sector to discuss these issues in an open and diverse environment. We believe plural interpretations of the many existing “Brazils” contribute to the qualification of the discussions, provide the basis for diagnoses and foment the proposition of alternatives.

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